[typo] Separate User Roles in Admin (ticket #288)

Doug Alcorn doug at lathi.net
Thu Oct 27 12:12:48 EDT 2005

I've updated typo ticket #288 with details.  To summarize, Bryan  
Helmkamp and I paired up to work on this.  It went well and we got  
something useful.  It's not a complete solution, but a good start.   
Read the details and check out the patch on http://typo.leetsoft.com/ 

There's more work to be done to make this a more robust RBAC type  
solution.  Neither Bryan nor myself need the full weight of RBAC.   
Anyway, I'd love to hear thoughts on moving forward with this.
Doug Alcorn - http://lathi.net/RubyOnRailsDeveloper
doug at lathi.net

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