[typo] Comment Disabled Articles Still Receiving Spam

Mike Purvis mike at uwmike.com
Thu Oct 27 10:51:37 EDT 2005

>>Seeing all the support requests here regarding recent SVN has made me
>>extremely cautious about upgrading... is there a fix for this in some
>>more recent version?
>Which version of Typo, and which DB?  Is there any chance that you  
>recently upgraded to Rails 0.14.x?
I'm on Dreamhost, but I believe my Typo is using a custom Rails 0.13.1, 
since I couldn't get it working with whatever DH had installed.

The DB is MySQL 4.1.11.

Should I just back up everything and try svn-ing the latest?

Shucks, I don't even know the syntax for that. Is it just 'svn up'?


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