[typo] Comment Disabled Articles Still Receiving Spam

Mike Purvis mike at uwmike.com
Thu Oct 27 10:37:09 EDT 2005

Hi again,

I asked a comment spam question a few months ago, and it seemed at the 
time like I was the only person having my problem. But now I'm facing an 
extremely frustrating comment-spam related difficulty: Even posts that 
I've manually flagged as "don't allow comments" are still allowing spams 
through! The form is being properly hidden, but Typo is allowing numbers 
of comments to be submitted by directly hitting the action URL.

Seeing all the support requests here regarding recent SVN has made me 
extremely cautious about upgrading... is there a fix for this in some 
more recent version?

It seems like one of the more obvious approaches would be to just embed 
a one time ticket in the form field, which expires after 24 hours. I'm 
simply not proficient enough with Rails or Typo to do it.


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