[typo] Hello and a question

Brett Lavoie b.lavoie at utoronto.ca
Wed Oct 26 15:03:02 EDT 2005


I'm a bit of a rails newbie so please bear with me here.  I'm trying to 
find out why I can't post articles on my Typo testbed that I just setup. 
  Everything else appears to be working (although I haven't tried 
everything yet) however when I try to create a new article through 
either the "Quick Post" method or the "Create a new Article" method, I 
get the following error:

"NoMethodError in Admin/content#new

undefined method `body_html=' for #<Article:0x36108f8>

/app/models/article.rb:93:in `transform_body'
app/controllers/admin/content_controller.rb:34:in `new'

Although I was running with Rails 0.14.1 at the start, I even tried 
specifying 0.13.1 as well to see if it was that, but still recieved the 
same error.  Anyone have any suggestions on this?



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