[typo] Issues checking out Typo source, Virus Scan blocking some files

Kyle Heon kheon at comcast.net
Tue Oct 25 20:17:28 EDT 2005


For some reason, when I try to checkout a copy of Typo from Subversion on my
WINXP machine which has a newly installed McAffee Virus scanner installed it
complains about a file in the vendor\bluecloth\tests folder. The strangest
thing though is that it's one of the Subversion files that it specifies.


It claims the file is infected with a JS/Exploit-CrossSite Trojan.

I'm pretty certain it is McAffee being overly protective but I'm just
curious if anyone else has seen the same thing and if so, how they got
around it short of shutting off active scanning.

Kyle Heon
kheon at comcast.net

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