[typo] Typo blog using 100MB RAM per process?

Biro Eszter biro.eszter at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 04:54:12 EDT 2005

Sean Santry wrote:
> Now THIS is interesting. I remember reading this in the TextDrive
> forums sometime last week, and it's now been posted to the TextDrive
> blog:
> http://weblog.textdrive.com/article/175/rails-optimizing-resource-usage
> Of particular interest is the bit about garbage collection. Julik writes
>>Go to your dispatcher (dispatch.fcgi) and change this:
>>to this:
>>RailsFCGIHandler.process! nil, 50

I think that http://deezsombor.blogspot.com explains your contradictory
experience. Basically you have turned the garbage collector off for 50
requests instead of letting ruby do its garbage collecting when needed.

Hope it helps,

Primalgrasp LLC

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