[typo] Typo blog using 100MB RAM per process?

Mark Denovich denovich at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 11:10:15 EDT 2005

My typo install died this weekend too (on

I was installing instiki and when I restarted lightTPD I started getting
errors about the ActiveSupport version typo was trying to require (it wanted
1.1.1 but 1.2.1 was what was availible or something.) I believe they updated
rails on the server, and the version of typo I was using (I don't remember
the revision, but I pulled it from SVN last weekend?) didn't like it. So I
changed the environments.rb to not try the version specific require... That
made the error on startup go away, but typo just failed to respond to
anything, and seemed to be eating up a fair amount of CPU.

On a hunch, I updated typo to 694, and when I restarted lightTPD everything
was good.
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