[typo] Typo blog using 100MB RAM per process?

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Mon Oct 24 10:57:17 EDT 2005

On Oct 24, 2005, at 7:50 AM, Sean Santry wrote:
> Hi Everyone -
> I have a typo blog over at Textdrive that recently stopped working. My
> install is from the typo trunk:
> $ svn info
> Path: .
> URL: svn://leetsoft.com/typo/trunk
> Repository UUID: 820eb932-12ee-0310-9ca8-eeb645f39767
> Revision: 667
> Node Kind: directory
> Schedule: normal
> Last Changed Author: kevin
> Last Changed Rev: 667
> Last Changed Date: 2005-10-06 01:22:44 +0000 (Thu, 06 Oct 2005)
> Properties Last Updated: 2005-10-06 23:31:06 +0000 (Thu, 06 Oct 2005)
> I'm running under lighttpd and it's been working fine for a few weeks
> now. After a server outage at Textdrive, my blog didn't come back up.
> Web requests got an Internal Server Error (500), with nothing to the
> logs. Turns out Typo was trying to allocate more than 100MB of RAM,
> which exceeds the limits Textdrive puts in place.
> This has never happened before. I'm waiting to hear from the Textdrive
> people as to whether this is a new memory limitation that I might not
> have run into before. They suggested I disable caching, so I went into
> config/environments/production.rb and disabled it, but that didn't
> working. Of course, I then realized that even with caching, I have
> nowhere near 100MB of content, even including images.
> Any thoughts? I'm not even sure how to debug this :(

We've seen a couple reports of this recently.  By recently, I mean in  
the last 24 hours or so, although it sounds like it's been going on  
for a couple weeks at least.

This is the first time that I've seen a revision number attached to  
it; it gives us a good place to start looking.


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