[typo] How do I backup a Typo website?

Justus Pendleton justus at ryoohki.net
Fri Oct 21 18:17:02 EDT 2005

Peter Van Garderen wrote:
> Doing a TYPO database export and then copying over all my theme files, 
> images and any other custom pages that I've added each time I've updated 
> my blog is a little time consuming.

If you have lots of external content then there is no simple solution. 
If the database export/backup is what's taking all the time then you 
might try using a database that supports incremental backups or 
replication and use that for backing up your data.  For example, 
PostgreSQL 8 has point-in-time recovery: you archive Write Ahead Logs 
(WALs) to get incremental backups.  You could probably combine that with 
incremental tar files of your other data to get incremental backups of 
the whole setup.

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