[typo] How do I backup a Typo website?

Peter Van Garderen peter at artefactual.com
Fri Oct 21 17:13:56 EDT 2005

I am running a TYPO website at a shared hosting site (PlanetArgon)
I want to maintain an offline backup of my TYPO website on my own computer. 
Doing a TYPO database export and then copying over all my theme files,
images and any other custom pages that I've added each time I've updated my
blog is a little time consuming.
In the meanwhile, the easiest and most efficient method I found thus far is
to crawl my website from the front-end (using HTTrack,
http://www.httrack.com/). This way I can capture all of my content (my
biggest concern) as well as all the image files, css, javascripts, etc. that
are used on my website. HTTrack maintains a project cache so it's easy and
quick to crawl when new content is added. 
This is not ideal, of course. Is there a tool that helps with TYPO backup or
can anyone suggest a more effective method?
Peter Van Garderen
Consultant, Artefactual Systems
New Westminster, Canada
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email: peter at artefactual.com
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