[typo] Live Search on Pages?

Peter Van Garderen peter at artefactual.com
Fri Oct 21 16:48:57 EDT 2005

Live Search of pages works exactly like articles. 

The issue that I'm raising concerns the old school search (type words and
*press return*) which displays the full content of all found articles.  
O.K. yes I see what you mean now.
 When adding support for page searching, I used the same pattern for found
pages. The search results page now displays the the complete content of all
found pages and articles. Having a page of pages seems really strange to me,
but if it is reasonable to others, I'll submit the patch.

Another option would be to remove the old search and dodge the issue all

W ell, this is only one newbie's opinion but I like getting just a hit list
in the sidebar and leaving it at that (i.e. disable any action if *return*
is pressed). The user can then select a link from the hit list and is not
left wondering what happened to the main page that they were just on.  Of
course, this could get messy on a large site and they start getting 50+ hits
in the sidebar.
 W hatever you decide, thanks in advance for adding search to Pages.


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