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bradley taylor bradley at fluxura.com
Fri Oct 21 16:38:45 EDT 2005

On Oct 21, 2005, at 4:23 PM, Peter Van Garderen wrote:
>> After looking at it, it seems really strange to return
>> the entire contents of a bunch of pages  and articles on the
>> results. Should I just list the pages titles instead? Or
>> display both the pages and articles as summaries?
>> Ideas or suggestions?
> When I use LiveSearch the article titles for my hits are generated  
> in the
> sidebar (underneath the search box in the "search-results" div).
> So I am already getting a short list of titles. Then I click on the  
> title in
> my sidebar search hit list to view the article in the main body of my
> webpage. (See http://vangarderen.ca. Type 'thesis' in as a sample  
> search
> term. It lists the article titles of the three search hits).
> My preference would be to have it work like this for Pages as well.

Live Search of pages works exactly like articles.

The issue that I'm raising concerns the old school search (type words  
and *press return*) which displays the full content of all found  
articles. When adding support for page searching, I used the same  
pattern for found pages. The search results page now displays the the  
complete content of all found pages and articles. Having a page of  
pages seems really strange to me, but if it is reasonable to others,  
I'll submit the patch.

Another option would be to remove the old search and dodge the issue  
all together.


bradley taylor
bradley at fluxura.com

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