[typo] trackback pinging

Justus Pendleton justus at ryoohki.net
Fri Oct 21 15:57:39 EDT 2005

Peter Van Garderen wrote:
> I am trying to figure out whether Typo is able to send out Trackback 
> pings or whether I have to send them out manually using some other tool 
> (if so, any suggestions?)

I don't know that typo has a way to send trackbacks currently; then 
again, I don't use them myself.  If that understanding is correct, 
you'll need to use an external tool to send them.  There are some free 
online trackback sending tools like this:


> In fact, I am confused about what the Articles-->Create New Trackback
> feature actually does.

This creates a new trackback attached to your article.  That is, to 
mimic the same process of some external site creating a trackpoint 
pointed at your article.  The URL should be the URL of this external blog.

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