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Peter Van Garderen peter at artefactual.com
Fri Oct 21 14:17:19 EDT 2005

Hi all,
I just launched (my first) blog using Typo (made easy by the pre-install
done by my host PlanetArgon).
I am trying to figure out whether Typo is able to send out Trackback pings
or whether I have to send them out manually using some other tool (if so,
any suggestions?)
At first I though that the trackbacks link that is available for each
article in the (admin) Articles overview page would allow me to send out
trackback pings but it doesn't appear to do that. In fact, I am confused
about what the Articles-->Create New Trackback feature actually does. I can
enter the 'Blog Name', 'Title', 'URL', and 'Excerpt'. At first I thought
that the 'URL' field in this form was where I should enter the trackback URL
for the article that I am referencing but realized later (after a few failed
tests) that this is probably for entering the other article's permalink. But
why would I enter this information? Wouldn't Typo receive and enter this
information from any incoming trackback pings? (i.e. info sent by other
blogs referencing my blog article).
Any clarification on how the trackback function (incoming and outgoing) is
supposed to work  would be most appreciated (I searched the mailinglist
archives and the Trac wiki but couldn't find anything).
Peter Van Garderen
Consultant, Artefactual Systems
New Westminster, Canada
tel:  (+1) 604.377.0242
fax:  (+1) 604.521.2059
email: peter at artefactual.com
blog:  http://vangarderen.ca <http://vangarderen.ca/> 
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