[typo] Feedburner integration?

Chris Nolan.ca typo-list at kekova.ca
Fri Oct 21 03:15:19 EDT 2005

I want to try out FeedBurner.com for my new typo blog and instead of just
making a link to the feedburner URL, I'd rather keep all the addresses under
my domain.

The usual way of doing it is explained @
http://forums.feedburner.com/viewtopic.php?t=3 by putting up a page that
just does a re-direct over to feedburner and your feedburner is going to the
true source of the feed.

However... I want to make it smarter and more integrated and thought if you
guys could point me to the right spots and confirm some assumptions about
the source I could do it and then figure out about getting it submitted?

1) What I want is to add a setting to the settings page where you give the
URL of your feedburner feed. If I just add a key to the settings table and
then some input info on the app/views/admin/general/index.rhtml

2) Somewhere in the app/controllers/xml::feed section add logic that
detected the useragent (request.header['UserAgent'] will work I think?) and
if it was FeedBurner's agent return the true feed, otherwise do a temporary
redirect to the configured feedburner address.

3) What's the style for turning something like this on and off? Should there
be a second setting to say use this configured feedburner, or by just having
the presense of the feedburner URL configured 2 would use it?

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