[typo] Moving to Latest SVN

Phil Cryer phil at cryer.us
Wed Oct 19 12:43:36 EDT 2005

>> BTW, I simply ran migrate and I was up and running.
>> Granted, I had to specify the production environment, as dev is the
>> default for rake's migrate task.
> ok, so I have the latest svn, 683 - how can I 'rake migrate' and  
> have it update my production db, or is there a better/more  
> recommended way to do it?  how did you do it, modify something in  
> the Rakefile?

>Try 'rake migrate RAILS_ENV=production'

Got farther, but bombed out with:

[phil at pepe ~/websites/fak3r.com/typo]# svn update
At revision 683.
[phil at pepe ~/websites/fak3r.com/typo]# rake migrate RAILS_ENV=production
(in /usr/home/phil/websites/fak3r.com/typo)
rake aborted!
Table 'tags' already exists: CREATE TABLE tags (id int(11) DEFAULT NULL auto_increment PRIMARY KEY, name varchar(255), created_at datetime, updated_at datetime) ENGINE=InnoDB

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