[typo] Latest SVN, sidebar issues

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Wed Oct 12 02:14:10 EDT 2005

Yes..  I was wrestling with this myself a few days ago.  I saw  
exactly what you were seeing, and noticed when I added a new sidebar  
I had to manually clear out the staged_config field in the sidebars  
table to get the sidebar to render (albeit with default values only).

I can't say how I fixed it, other than the fact that I got it working  
about the time I installed the latest beta rails gems (was using  
0.13.1 rails gems).  Is the trunk now only compatible with edge or  
beta rails and no longer with 0.13.1?  Or did I magically fix this  
problem some other way and not know how I did it.

Hope that helps you poke around and fix the problem.


On Oct 11, 2005, at 23:51, Trejkaz wrote:
> I just did an upgrade to the latest version of Typo in SVN  
> (revision 667)
> to see if there was a fix for an issue I was having with the feed
> autodiscovery URLs.
> However, after said upgrade, the sidebars no longer work.
> If I go into the admin/sidebar screen, I see the parameter name  
> stored in
> each text field instead of the value.  e.g. for the tag sidebar  
> block, the
> value next to "Maximum tags" is "maximum_tags".
> If I try to render the page itself, I get the error "can't convert  
> String
> into Hash":
> /components/sidebars/sidebar_controller.rb:39:in `merge!'
> /components/sidebars/sidebar_controller.rb:39:in `index'
> /app/helpers/application_helper.rb:77:in `render_sidebar'
> (erb):2:in `evaluate_locals'
> (erb):1:in `evaluate_locals'
> /lib/renderfix.rb:12:in `render_file'
> components/sidebars/sidebar_controller.rb:82:in `display_plugins'
> /app/helpers/articles_helper.rb:88:in `render_sidebars'
> (erb):37:in `evaluate_locals'
> /lib/renderfix.rb:12:in `render_file'
> I don't think this is a database issue on my end, as I've tried  
> repairing
> the values in the sidebar configuration blocks, but they get  
> reverted to
> these string values.  But has anyone else on the bleeding edge seen  
> this?
> TX
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