[typo] implementing a blog + linkblog

kellan kellan at pobox.com
Tue Oct 11 08:33:10 EDT 2005

Is anyone maintaining a linkblog through Typo rather then syndicating
one in from del.icio.us?  Is so, what was your approach?

I'm wondering if I should add a new column to `contents` to store the
link referenced, or re-use the `url` column which is currently used by

I'd like to display regular posts, and linkblog posts seperately, but
combine them for search and category listings.

Debating between defining a linkblog post as an Article belonging to a
fixed category and then tweaking `Artcile#index` to exclude that
category or defining a new content type and tweaking the search and
category listings.

Anyone been down this road?


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