[typo] feed.xml not updating

Phil Cryer phil at cryer.us
Tue Oct 4 15:44:31 EDT 2005

>> I'm running Typo 2.5.5 and my xml/rss/feed.xml isn't updating; it  
>> still has the stock/default text in it, and none of my stories:
>> http://fak3r.com/xml/rss/feed.xml
>> But notice that xml/commentrss/feed.xml is working:
>> http://fak3r.com/xml/commentrss/feed.xml

>Try hiitting the clear cache button on the settings page and then  
>check and see if public/xml/rss/feed.xml still exists. 

it was still there
>there, then delete the whole public/xml directory and you should be  

yep, this fixed it, thanks Scott.


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