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jonasb.16759522@bloglines.com jonasb.16759522 at bloglines.com
Tue Oct 4 07:38:52 EDT 2005

Thanks for the reply Nicholas!

I went for a svn/svk solution and it seems
to work quite fine (http://andthennothing.net/archives/2005/10/01/handling-multiple-repositories-with-svn-and-svk).

Jonas Bengtsson (jonas.b at home.se)

ps. I just launched my new
blog at http://andthennothing.net using Typo. Typo must be one of the nicest
blog engines available. Thanks for all the work you guys have put into it!

--- Nicholas Van Weerdenburg <vanweerd at gmail.com wrote:
On 29 Sep 2005
23:07:04 -0000, jonasb.16759522 at bloglines.com
> <jonasb.16759522 at bloglines.com>
> The issue would be when files are moved, deleted and renamed.

> There is a perl script in svn that does a vendor import to a branch,
> and does the necessary work to import successive releases of the
> vendor
> Copy the original branch for do your development on, and then
use the
> perl script to update the vendor branch. That branch can then be

> merged.
> I haven't tried this, and don't remember the script name.
Its covered
> in "Pragmatic Version Control with Subversion" and I'm sure
most other
> subversion books.
> Regards,
> Nick
> --
> Nicholas
Van Weerdenburg

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