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Will Wyatt tayknight at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 16:54:26 EDT 2005

What does "3) Themes must be original...no ports of themes from Blogger,
WordPress, etc." mean? I developed my own theme, but I did it for WordPress
first. So, in essence, I ported my own theme from WordPress. Would my theme
still be eligible?

On 10/3/05, Geoffrey Grosenbach <boss at topfunky.com> wrote:
> I have talked a bit to Tobias and hope to start a Typo theme contest
> in order to generate interest in producing original, top-quality
> themes for Typo.
> If you are interested in donating prizes or helping with the
> organization of the event, please contact me: boss at topfunky.com (put
> "Typo Contest" in the subject)
> General ideas:
> 1) Setup an installation of Typo for the contest. People will submit
> themes to me via email which will be put on the site with a
> screenshot (and free download), one theme per post. (maybe http://
> themes.typogarden.com <http://themes.typogarden.com> ?)
> 2) The event will last for one month.
> 3) Prizes (yet to be secured) will be given to [a] The theme with the
> most comments, [b] The top 3-5 themes as rated by a panel of Rails-
> friendly artists.
> General Rules:
> 1) Except for the "Experimental" category, themes must work in IE 5.5
> +, Firefox and Safari in order to be eligible for judging.
> 2) Themes must utilize the new Typo 2.5+ theme engine (i.e. packaged
> in a single folder that can be dropped into the "themes" folder).
> 3) Themes must be original...no ports of themes from Blogger,
> WordPress, etc.
> 4) I will do a quick check of themes, but responsibility for
> verifying the safety of the .rhtml files is left to the individual user.
> 5) All themes submitted will be made available for free download.
> Any thoughts?
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