[typo] Typo Theme Contest Proposal

Geoffrey Grosenbach boss at topfunky.com
Mon Oct 3 13:54:58 EDT 2005

I have talked a bit to Tobias and hope to start a Typo theme contest  
in order to generate interest in producing original, top-quality  
themes for Typo.

If you are interested in donating prizes or helping with the  
organization of the event, please contact me: boss at topfunky.com (put  
"Typo Contest" in the subject)

General ideas:

1) Setup an installation of Typo for the contest. People will submit  
themes to me via email which will be put on the site with a  
screenshot (and free download), one theme per post. (maybe http:// 
themes.typogarden.com ?)
2) The event will last for one month.
3) Prizes (yet to be secured) will be given to [a] The theme with the  
most comments, [b] The top 3-5 themes as rated by a panel of Rails- 
friendly artists.

General Rules:

1) Except for the "Experimental" category, themes must work in IE 5.5 
+, Firefox and Safari in order to be eligible for judging.
2) Themes must utilize the new Typo 2.5+ theme engine (i.e. packaged  
in a single folder that can be dropped into the "themes" folder).
3) Themes must be original...no ports of themes from Blogger,  
WordPress, etc.
4) I will do a quick check of themes, but responsibility for  
verifying the safety of the .rhtml files is left to the individual user.
5) All themes submitted will be made available for free download.

Any thoughts?

Geoffrey Grosenbach
boss at topfunky.com

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