[typo] FastCGI processes

David Richardson gilgit at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 21:34:28 EST 2005

@Justin: A fastcgi process crashed, leaving lighttpd (1.4.8) runningand filling up its error log at the rate of a line every millisecondor so (I think this is what happened, but I'm not certain of theevents). In short order the error log filled the entire diskpartition, causing Postgres amongst some other things to fail on diskwrites.
With 4 or 5 Typo instances running (and a few other Railsapplications) I have only been able to get a stable environment on allthe Typo deployments by increasing the number of fastcgi processesbeyond 1. I'm using at least 3 now, although seems overkill. None ofthem are likely to be slashdotted.
Is it just a coincidence? I've had enough problems getting to thepoint where multiple Typo instances could be deployed quickly andreliably to be very skeptical, given my lack of problems withinternally written apps.
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