[typo] FastCGI processes

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Wed Nov 30 20:54:58 EST 2005

>> I'm using lighttpd and discovered through trial-and-error that whilemy
>> own Rails apps are happy with a single fastcgi process, Typo doesvery
>> bad things. Can anyone explain what Typo needs?
> I run two typo instances, both with just a single fastcgi process, just
> fine.  If you explain what "very bad things" means someone might be able
> to help with your problem.

I know I've witnessed one of these bad things.  When creating a new
article (or anything with live preview, probably) as the article gets
longer, it takes longer and longer to get a preview, and during this time
you're hogging the entire FastCGI process so users coming to visit
uncached pages have to wait in line.

That's really the only issue I've ever had though, on my development
version (the live one is running five processed "just in case...")


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