[typo] Question about sidebar / cacheing / rails

David Richardson gilgit at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 17:12:10 EST 2005

@William. I should have said 'RAM' caching. The current implementationcertainly meets my needs, but if you want to serve updated content(not just flickr streams, which I do, but, perhaps, ads) then...
Complete pages cached on disk, or rendered pages cached in a databasewill be one or more orders of magnitude slower than something cachedin RAM and output directly. My brief experience with Typo indicatesthat this is not how it does it, though.
RAM caching brings other issues to contend with, unfortunately. Canyou keep everything in RAM, if you can't, what do you keep, do youcache page components in RAM, are you willing/do you need to put upwith the overhead of assembling components to render a new page, andso on.
I am a refugee from Blojsom - it can cache everything in RAM, and thelatency in serving a page is almost nil, noticeably snappier than anyMT, Wordpress or Typo installation. But then you have the humungousjvm loaded all the time, plus all the articles and associated indexes;-)
I recommend an article at Ace's Hardware for a well written discussionof content serving performance.http://aceshardware.com/read.jsp?id=50000347
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