[typo] Guid has already been taken - Typo trunk/Rails 0.14.4

Tom Wilcoxen tomwilcoxen at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 10:41:54 EST 2005

I've just upgraded to trunk typo and edge rails. I ran rake migrate
and it seemd to complete ok. Everything seems fine until I tried to
create a new article, then I get an error:

1 error prohibited this article from being saved
  There were problems with the following fields:
  Guid has already been taken

Is there something I can reset in the database? Most of my articles
have a GUID of NULL, except one that I published yesterday that has

I've tried canceling and creating a new article, but same results. I
looked at the article model, and see the 'validates_uniqueness_of
:guid'. I see the before_save call to :create_guid and the TypoGuid
module which has the create_guid method. In there, there's a reference
to UUID, but uuidtools isn't required -- could that be it? Or any
other ideas?


Tom Wilcoxen

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