[typo] Converting from Wordpress - a few q's

Jason Bainbridge jbainbridge at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 10:24:55 EST 2005


I apologize if this is a frequent topic and y'all are sick of
answering the same questions but I did some quick googling and glanced
through recent archives so I did do at least some due diligence first
before coming here. :)

I'm currently performing a trial conversion from Wordpress to Typo and
have gotten most of the way there using the distributed Wordpress
converter (by the way in WP 2.0 user_nickname is now user_nicename but
that was the only change I needed to make in the converter).

The issues I am looking at resolving are:

Permalinks - Any easy way to remove the articles/ prefix that Typo has
by default?  Other than that the permalinks appear to be the same. Has
anyone else dealt with this before and maybe have a solution put
together already?

Tags - Recently I have been using Taggerati more heavily to classify
my Wordpress posts using tags and only lightly using the categories.
The way the tagging works in Taggerati is:

<tag>tagname</tag> will tag the post and link tagname in the post to
the tag page for that tag

<tag url=http://blah.com>tagname</tag> will tag the post but the link
will be to the site specified in the URL and not to the tag page for
that tag.

<itag>tagname</itag> will tag the post with tagname but it won't
appear in the post

Has anyone got any pointers on how I can convert these over to Typo's
tagging system? The converter keeps the raw tags in place so I'm
thinking some SQL and regexp's are going to be needed to tag the posts
in Typo and a custom filter to transform the text in the post to the
appropriate links (or hide them if an itag) but if someone could point
me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

Jason Bainbridge
An Aussie geek stuck in Texas - http://jasonbainbridge.com
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