[typo] Typo not updating anymore?

Joerg Battermann jb at justbe.com
Wed Nov 30 04:04:55 EST 2005

Hello everyone,
I have a typo blog running at blog.justbe.com which used to work perfectly until recently, but all of a sudden new posts don't show up on the mainsite anymore or the feeds, only when explicitly searching for them (e.g. try searching for 'denton') which is the latest post I posted today. The articles show up just fine in the admin center and you can go there when opening the article directly, but as I said, it doesn't show up on the frontpage nor feeds...
what can i do? I tried clearing the cache and checked the date.. but nothing's helping :|
Best regards / MfG,
Joerg Battermann
jb at justBE.com 
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