[typo] File upload in v. 760

David Richardson gilgit at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 20:09:34 EST 2005

I mean that a POST is apparently executed to transmit the file to theserver, but it is not saved on the server. I haven't monitored thehttp traffic to confirm that something does go to the server, but thepage refreshes, so for the moment, I'm assuming it does.
This is not a permissions problem - everything works fine using IE/Winor Firefox. I presume it is a bug, but want to confirm that it isn'tdue to my local configuration of Safari. A quick glance at the codeseems to indicate that the upload is a simple POST message without anyJavascript, so it is difficult to see where a problem could occur.
Is anyone running Safari able to confirm this as a problem using thecurrent trunk version (760)?
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