[typo] Question about sidebar / cacheing / rails

David Gee davidgee at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 17:13:38 EST 2005

I'm fairly new to rails. I've noticed that many of the sidebars that 
aggregate third-party info, such as the flickr, upcoming.org, and 
del.icio.us sidebars, don't get updated in the sidebar. Is this an 
artifact of Typo's caching? Is the caching system inherent to Rails apps 
(it seems like it might be) or is it a Typo-specific feature? Any 
workarounds? I'm thinking of just going back to hand-rolling all my 
sidebar stuff and including it dynamically on pages, which would remove 
a lot of the advantage of using Typo in the first place.

Also, are there any plans in the works for multiple sidebars, 
context-sensitive sidebars (ie. certain sidebar plugins only show up on 
certain pages), or anything like that?

Sorry for the abundance of questions, I'm looking into these questions 
on the web as well and will gladly summarize and report back as soon as 
I have useful info.


david gee ::: david at mode3.com ::: http://www.mode3.com/david 

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