[typo] Server error 500 blues

David Richardson gilgit at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 19:08:53 EST 2005

I'm getting the infamous '500 Internal Server Error' when running Typofrom WEBrick.
My environment is:OS X 10.4.3, all gems updateddb: SQLite3 (native OS X installation)rails: 0.14.3 (Tony Arnold installer -http://www.tonyarnold.com/articles/2005/08/10/rolling-with-ruby-on-rails-on-mac-os-x-tiger-for-beginners)I don't have XCode installed, and looked here for SQLite3 bindings andreadline support.server: WEBrick on port 3000 (default)Typo: 2.6.0 or current trunk
running WEBrick and browsing to localhost:3000 returns an emptydocument produces an http '500' response message in the terminalinstance running WEBrick.
running ruby dispatch.rb produces the dreaded '500' error.
running console produces no exceptionsthe console query User.find(:all) returns either '[]' or the expectedtest value if I insert a row manually using sqlite.I don't see how this can be a database connection problem.
Any debugging suggestions out there?
>From a more abstract perspective, does anyone have thoughts oncreating useful error messages at the rails level? Anything we can doat the Typo application level? This problem is all too common, andmust surely turn away a significant number of people ( I do have anumber of production applications, typo and others, running on a Linuxmachine, but if this was my first encounter with rails, I wouldprobably head back to Wordpress or Textpattern).--David Richardson

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