[typo] migration not workin in 760

Robert Ivanc rob at awakeheart.net
Wed Nov 23 09:24:20 EST 2005


I just did a svn update and got version 760. Afterwards I did rake
migrate and got this:
 rake migrate
(in /home/webadmin/clarity.awakeheart.net/typo)
rake aborted!
 is not a class/module

If i start it from admin screen it only says rails error

in log i find this:
cessing GeneralController#update_database (for at
2005-11-23 14:19:06) [GET]
  Parameters: {"action"=>"update_database", "controller"=>"admin/general"}
Rendering  within layouts/administration
Rendering admin/general/update_database
Completed in 0.07570 (13 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.03946 (52%) | DB:
0.02965 (39%) | 200 OK [http://clar

Processing GeneralController#migrate (for at 2005-11-23
14:19:10) [POST]
  Parameters: {"action"=>"migrate", "controller"=>"admin/general"}
Migrating to AddRedirectTable (26)

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid (You have an error in your SQL syntax
near 'ENGINE=InnoDB' at line 1: CR
EATE TABLE redirects (id int(11) DEFAULT NULL auto_increment PRIMARY
KEY, from_path varchar(255), to_pa
th varchar(255)) ENGINE=InnoDB):
t_adapter.rb:67:in `log'
dapter.rb:155:in `execute'

is there a way to get rid of this engine=InnoDB? it seems my version
of mysql doesn't support this (3.23.58). Although it does support
InnoDB engine as I'm using it for some other apps.


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