[typo] Documentation tool suggestions?

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Sun Nov 20 12:33:01 EST 2005

I'd like to start creating a Typo manual, and I'm looking for tool  
suggestions.  My goal right now isn't to create a user's guide  
(although we need one and I'd like to use the same tools to create  
one), but more of a developers guide or guide to new features.  For  
instance, right now I'm working on a notification system (via email  
and RSS at least, more later), and I'd love to write a couple pages  
of text to explain how the system works from the inside.  In the  
past, I've posted all of the details on my blog, but it's kind of  
unreasonable to expect new users to search my blog for feature docs :-).

I'd like something that will let me write plain-ish text with  
relatively minor markup (I like Markdown, but I don't really care  
that much) and will spit out HTML documentation and a formatted PDF  
with a table of contents.  I'd rather not go down the docbook road if  
I can avoid it.  I could probably cobble something together with  
Markdown and a few wrappers, and then a HTML-to-PDF converter, but  
I'd prefer not to reinvent the wheel.  The only *real* requirement is  
that the documentation source has to live in text files in the Typo  
subversion tree--no Word documents, and nothing explicitly web-based.

Does anyone have any suggestions on tools to look at?


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