[typo] New column for content table?

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Sun Nov 20 11:17:18 EST 2005

On Nov 20, 2005, at 2:03 AM, Victor Jalencas wrote:

> Hi
>   I am thinking on adding a new sidebar module for 'starring' certain
> articles so that they are always available in the front page and don't
> fall off once you post more articles. That way, your most popular
> articles would always be available with a single hop from the main  
> page.
> Since this means adding a column to the content table (I guess  
> 'starred'
> is a good name) I'd like to gather opinions before proceeding (even  
> when
> I will only be modifying my own install for the time being) so that  
> most
> people (and, especially, the maintainers) agree with the change.
>   So, what do you think? Is this appropriate?

That's probably the best place to put it, but I'm not very interested  
in applying it, at least before 4.0.  Post 4.0, I *might* take a  
patch that adds a "front-page" field to contents, giving us three  

   * Normal
   * Always on front page ("sticky" in forum parlance)
   * Never on front page

I have some things in my head for the next release that would make  
"never on the front page" useful.


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