[typo] flickr XMLRPC not working?

Joerg Battermann jb at justbe.com
Sun Nov 20 06:47:31 EST 2005

Hey there,

I use(d) the movable-type api at flickr for a picture-based blog-entry
every now and then, but it seems flickr now automatically assumes, that
the xmlrpc backend is located under "/backend/xmlrpc/mt-xmlrpc.cgi". I
re-added my blog in my flicker account's settings, and it detected it
fine using the actual typo-url, but after validating et all, it again
uses the url above :\

it's definetly a flickr bug from what I can tell...

Best regards / MfG,
Joerg Battermann
jb at justBE.com
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I have posted a bug with flickr, but I was just curious... Is anyone
else having trouble posting to thier Typo blog with flickr using
Metaweblog API? I have no problem when I use ecto, but it seems that
flickr gets errorrs.

Also, I tried posting to my old WordPress blog from flickr and it worked
fine... any ideas?

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