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Adam C. Greenfield adam.greenfield at site5.com
Sat Nov 19 00:03:00 EST 2005

On Nov 18, 2005, at 11:52 AM, Brandon Jones wrote:

> Does anyone host rails apps (particularly typo) with Site5?  If so
> how is performance?  My contract  with dreamhost will soon run out
> and I am somewhat unhappy with the performance I've been getting as
> of late and was looking for something else.  Site5's current special
> is attractive, but would like others opinions before just jumping  
> on it.

We have plenty of clients running typo on our shared hosting  
machines. I'm not sure how many of them are on this list, but my  
personal sites, as well as my professional typo blog  
(adamgreenfield.com) are hosted on a standard Site5 shared hosting  
rig. As Tobias noted we also proud host Planet Typo (again, on a  
standard shared hosting machine) and there are a number of reviews  
available for our services in general around reputable hosting review  

If you do decide you to with us, and if you need (or want) any  
assistance getting your typo install up and rolling, please don't  
hesitate to CC me when you contact support.
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