[typo] Typo does not work any more

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Fri Nov 18 11:55:51 EST 2005

On Nov 18, 2005, at 8:49 AM, Bart Braem wrote:

> On 11/17/05, Scott Laird <scott at sigkill.org> wrote:
>> So, either database.yml is broken (double-check that you aren't using
>> tabs anywhere in the file) or the Rails-MySQL driver is broken.  Do
>> you have any other Rails apps on the box?  Do they still work?
>> Check in MySQL's logs and see if it's saying anything useful.
> I have installed the MySQL C bindings and completely reinstalled rails
> with all its dependency gems, now that's not a problem any more.
> But now I get this message when I view my blog:
> then I get this nice error:
> ../themes/dots/views../../themes/dots/views.
> (dots is my theme)
> Rss feeds work again, rendering html doesn't. Any ideas on what to try
> now? Older versions (2.5.6) do work, but those have security bugs...

Does the default theme (azure) work?


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