[typo] Draft sidebar

Victor Jalencas victor-typo at carotena.net
Fri Nov 18 04:02:23 EST 2005


  this is to let you know that last night I uploaded a patch (#530) for 
creating a new sidebar module, which puts a list of the unpublished 
articles you are preparing.

  Please note that instead of generating the patch from the command line 
I used textmate's diff generator, which made it end up a bit weird (with 
revision number 0 and without specifying the full path). It was pretty 
late and I didn't notice until this morning. If need be I'll resubmit 
again, but it's pretty easy to deduce where the files go.

  Please give it a whirl and provide feedback. I think the configuration 
is enough to make it work, but if you need a tweak or something to make 
it more useful just let me know.


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