[typo] Rotating image headers and caching

Michael Purvis mike at uwmike.com
Tue Nov 15 22:52:33 EST 2005

I think that there's two basic approaches you could pursue:

1) Have the rotating image controlled by a javascript. It's not as wacky 
as you think, considering that the dates are already... Basically just 
put in a default image (as a background), and then have the onload event 
randomly switch it up.

2) Set Rails to output ".php" files in the cache, instead of ".html" I 
expect that PHP is a better server-side tool for this kind of simple 
task. (However, I could be wrong... and I'm not sure how to change the 
default extension on the output files...)


Kyle Heon wrote:

> Last night I rolled out a layout change to my blog and noticed that in 
> order to get the look and feel to display I needed to physically 
> delete the cached pages so that the new layout would take effect (this 
> was after I'd restarted lighttpd and it's associated FCGI processes.
> This was simply a minor update but was done so that I can begin to add 
> rotating header images. After last nights issues I'm wondering though 
> how this will work. Does Typo (Rails?) cache the entire page? If so it 
> would seem that having rotating images would not work all that well.
> Anyone have any experiences doing something similar? I know very 
> little about Rails caching support so I apologize if this is a stupid 
> question.
> Thanks.
> Kyle Heon
> kheon at comcast.net
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