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jonasb.16759522@bloglines.com jonasb.16759522 at bloglines.com
Mon Nov 14 18:11:20 EST 2005

My & Oslash; appeared wrong in Atom as well (in Bloglines at least), but I
haven't checked if it's Bloglines or Typo's fault yet.

As for RSS, couldn't
you put the title into CDATA to avoid escaping? (I'm a XML/RSS newbie but
I've used CDATA to get around escaping problems in the past)


--- typo-list at rubyforge.org wrote:

> On Nov 14, 2005, at 4:24 AM, jonasb.16759522 at bloglines.com
> > I had a similar problem recently where I put a HTML entity
in the  
> > title (&
> > Oslash; in this case). It worked as intended on
the blog, but  
> > didn't show
> > up correctly in feeds/aggregator. Haven't
looked into it though.
> You can't generally put entities into the title
field and expect them  
> to survive RSS.  The RSS spec (pick one) doesn't
say which format the  
> title is in, and some readers assume that it's just
plain text, while  
> others assume HTML.  So it's unclear if Ø should be
encoded as  
> Ø or Ø.  As expected, both options are popular.

> This is one of the reasons for Atom.
> You can usually work around
this by using UTF-8.  It doesn't help  
> when you're trying to put "&" or
"<" into the title, but it'll take  
> care of nearly everything else.

> Scott
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