[typo] General RSS agregation?

James Moore jam at wirerimmed.com
Mon Nov 14 13:03:08 EST 2005

On Nov 14, 2005, at 4:02 AM, Bart Braem wrote:

> On 11/14/05, Biro Eszter <biro.eszter at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Bart Braem wrote:
>>> Does someone know plugins/hacks to agregate rss feeds from other
>>> blogs? del.icio.us works, so I guess general RSS aggregation  
>>> should be
>>> possible?
>> Sign up for SuprGlu: http://www.suprglu.com
>> It's free, easy and nifty.
> Sorry if I was unclear, I'm looking for a way to do aggregation in
> Typo. So in my sidebar I'd like to see the name of the blog and then
> some articles...

I submitted a patch for a very simple RSS reader:


I created that using the trunk code.


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