[typo] Standalone works fine, fails through apache

patrick k patrick at vonautomatisch.at
Mon Nov 14 03:57:02 EST 2005

i´m having the same problem. tried everything for a couple of days. got some
input from the list but ... nothing worked. i´m on dreamhost by the way.

some ideas:

- try changing the shebang-line of dispatch.(f)cgi to "#!/usr/bin/env ruby"
resp. "#!/usr/bin/ruby"
- try switching between development and production mode. (variable at the
top of /config/environment.rb)
- be sure that the default theme is active (you can set that with using
script/server in the typo admin-panel).

if you solved the problem, please let me know.


> I'm currently setting Typo up and I'm having a problem. When I start
> the app using script/server it works fine.
> My host is set up to use fastcgi, so I'm attempting to use Typo
> through Apache. I've verified everything is working fine at the server
> end by setting up a few test apps.
> When I try to access Type through dispatch.fcgi, the page loads for a
> long time and ends up blank. fastcgi.crash.log is not created but I
> get the following message in my apache error log
> [Wed Nov  9 16:32:25 2005] [warn] FastCGI: (dynamic) server
> "/home/theakern/public_html/andrew/dispatch.fcgi" has failed to remain
> running for 30 seconds given 3 attempts, its restart interval has been
> backed off to 600 seconds
> So i changed my .htaccess so i use dispatch.cgi instead. When i access
> the page I get Application Error Typo could not be reached. In my
> apache error logs i now see
> [Wed Nov  9 18:09:23 2005] [error] [client] Premature end
> of script headers: /home/theakern/public_html/andrew/dispatch.cgi.
> Once again there is no fastcgi.crash.log
> The only other thing of note is that I'm not running it out of the
> root directory of my webserver. I've added RewriteBase /blog/ to my
> .htaccess tho.
> Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this, or what to test next?
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