[typo] Comments about the current state of typo theming

gpshewan gpsnospam at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 12:42:29 EST 2005

Steady Dick,

Everybody is entitled to an opinion.

Micha said,

> There is also a huge danger here, which we have already seen,  
> namely that either development of Typo must cease, or else every  
> new version will, possibly majorly, break existing themes ... What  
> we need is a theme abstraction layer, the interface to which will  
> stay constant, at least amongst major versions. Such a change would  
> of course require huge changes to the codebase. But if we want typo  
> to continue to grow and flourish with themes, it's a step that much  
> be taken.

What did I misunderstand?  Seems a suggestion to halt Typo  
development to me.

The theme competition is a great idea, but if further development  
causes headaches for designers then some people (and I put my hand up  
for this) just don't care and would rather see improvements in code -  
whether that touches theme aspects or not.  If it needs a release  
then there SHOULD be a release.  How well a blogging engine is put  
together and runs is more important to me than how pretty the themes  
are for it.

Is that clear enough?

On 13 Nov 2005, at 16:17, Dick Davies wrote:

> On 13/11/05, gpshewan <gpsnospam at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Cease Typo development for themes?  Ridiculous.  Let me think ...
> Good idea. It might be worth doing that before posting, so you can  
> address
> what was said rather than what you think you read.
> No-one suggested that typo development should be halted, just that  
> it might
> not be such a good idea to break theme compatibility in the middle of
> a theme contest.
> We're not talking about hamstringing anyone or holding up  
> development -
> that's what trunk is for. We're talking about *releases*.
> And the security/bugfix backport issue is irrelevant - none of the
> bugfixes I saw had anything to do with the theme directory.
> On the other hand:
> * it was a 2.5 -> 2.6 version bump
> * it was mentioned by Scott on the download page, including a  
> workaround
> * UI (especially when its css related) is a bugger to unit test
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