[typo] Comments about the current state of typo theming

Leevi Graham leevi at izilla.com.au
Sun Nov 13 02:23:19 EST 2005

Totally 110% agree....

I am working on a theme right now for the comp... and my progress has 
been stopped for at least a day everytime a new version is released.... 
Very frustrating... How is the competition going to be judged if some 
themes only work on certain releases??

Cheers Leevi Graham

Micah Wylde wrote:
> The 2.5.7 release brought the ability to theme anything in the system 
> and, in fact, to rewrite any piece of Typo that the designer desires 
> to. While this may be seen as a strength, and certaintly allows for 
> incredible flexiblity for the designer. The base lacks features that 
> you want? Roll them youself, as controllers are able to be 
> overwritten. There is also a huge danger here, which we have already 
> seen, namely that either development of Typo must cease, or else every 
> new version will, possibly majorly, break existing themes. We have 
> already seen this with the 2.6.0 release which broke themes designed 
> for 2.5.7. Since theme designers cannot be counted upon to be 
> constantly updating their themes, this situation will create a mess of 
> themes that only work with a specific version of typo, which will 
> force users to up or downgrade their installation every time they want 
> to install a new theme, which brings up a whole new set of problems.  
> And if the themer does fix their theme for a new version of typo, it 
> will break it for the old versions.
> This situation is untenable. What we need is a theme abstraction 
> layer, the interface to which will stay constant, at least amongst 
> major versions. Such a change would of course require huge changes to 
> the codebase. But if we want typo to continue to grow and flourish 
> with themes, it's a step that much be taken.
> -- 
> Micah Wylde
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