[typo] Everything on fire (DH jumps the gun on 1.0rc4)

Juan Lupión pantulis at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 15:50:50 EST 2005

> I ended up getting everything working, but I'm afraid I don't know
> exactly what it was that did it. I started with a fresh DB and a fresh
> checkout, and it turned out that the old DB had been completely
> "upgraded" by the rake migrate command. So I just dumped the data from
> it and imported it to the new DB. I had to mess a bit with my template
> to get it working properly... I think that may have been where the
> trouble was.

I am also a Dreamhost user and found yesterday that my Typo install
was messed up.  Another RoR app written by myself was also out of
order, so I guesed it was the migration.  Following these thread, just
checked out the new typo trunk and, after backing up everything, the
only thing needed was to create the database.yml.  I then launch
WebRICK and made the migration from it.  Everything was ok, just had
to shut WebRICK down and restart the FastCGIs.



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