[typo] Trunk 474 vs 2.6.0

Marco van Hylckama Vlieg marco at i-marco.nl
Sat Nov 12 13:38:50 EST 2005

Hi all,

I'm new to this list but I'm kicking in with a serious problem.
I'm currently developing a VERY advanced theme for the Typo theme  
contest. I was reaching completion yesterday but today I found out  
it's totally broken on Typo version 2.6.0.

I was (and still am) working with Trunk builds. Currently I'm at the  
latest (rev. 747).

The strange thing is: Everything still works fine on the trunk build  
but everything is broken on 2.6.0.
I'd expect these builds to be sort of the same. All problems occur  
with local views/* templates in my own theme dir.

I also wonder why the live preview and an alternative style for admin  
comments seem to have disappeared in version 2.6.0. I completely  
pimped the live preview only to find out it was removed in a next  

Can someone give me some information on what's happening? I'm in a  
mild state of panic at the thought of having wasted so much time on a  
great theme to find it to break completely on a new stable Typo  
version :(

- Marco

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