[typo] typo & dreamhost

patrick k patrick at vonautomatisch.at
Sat Nov 12 10:27:29 EST 2005

didn´t really work (see below).

> On Nov 11, 2005, at 8:24 AM, patrick kranzlmüller wrote:
>> i´ve tried to setup typo on dreamhost for a couple of hours now - i
>> read every tutorial and discussion about that topic. and still, it
>> doesn´t work.
>> problems:
>> on the website, i get "application error: typo could not be reached"
>> when trying to run public/dispatch.fcgi (or public/dispatch.cgi) from
>> the shell, i get "status 500: internal server error"
>> the log-files don´t seem to be updated (though they are writeable)
>> configuration:
>> .htaccess is on the server and configured correctly
>> shebang-line in dispatch.cgi and dispatch.fcgi is #!/usr/bin/ruby
>> database-connection is ok (tried that with another app)
>> no subdirectory
> Run ./script/server and then hit your site on port 3000 (or whereever
> the server says its running). Try to go directly to /admin. If you
> can access that page save the default settings and then go to the
> themes tab. If the default theme isn't active, activate it and then
> try going to the normal URL.

i did that. i could access the /admin page - default theme was/is activated.
but i can see the site only with the additional :3000. when shutting down
the server, i cannot access the site now (it´s loading forever and nothing
happens - don´t even get an error).

> After successfully upgrading to 2.6.0 I came back the next day and my
> site was dead. The logs were claiming zero-length responses from
> dispatch.fgci. When I would go to the front page via the built-in
> server I would simply get a theme path written to my browser. After
> much messing around I discovered that no theme was active. I don't
> know how I got into this state but there certainly needs to be some
> kind of exception thrown to the browser when typo is in this state.
> -James
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