[typo] typo & dreamhost

patrick kranzlmüller patrick at vonautomatisch.at
Fri Nov 11 11:24:04 EST 2005

i´ve tried to setup typo on dreamhost for a couple of hours now - i 
read every tutorial and discussion about that topic. and still, it 
doesn´t work.

on the website, i get "application error: typo could not be reached"
when trying to run public/dispatch.fcgi (or public/dispatch.cgi) from 
the shell, i get "status 500: internal server error"
the log-files don´t seem to be updated (though they are writeable)

.htaccess is on the server and configured correctly
shebang-line in dispatch.cgi and dispatch.fcgi is #!/usr/bin/ruby
database-connection is ok (tried that with another app)
no subdirectory

any help is appreciated.


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