[typo] Everything on fire (DH jumps the gun on 1.0rc4)

Mike Purvis mike at uwmike.com
Fri Nov 11 11:12:38 EST 2005

>Thats a pretty bad hosting policy to upgrade a component that people
>depend on w/o warning or a way to stay locked at the old version. 
>Maybe time to find a new host =).
>- Rob
There's also a lot more downtime with Dreamhost than I'd like. But the 
techs are extremely responsive and very accommodating... I think in this 
case it was just a misunderstanding about the nature of Rails versions. 
At any rate, nothing I host is mission-critical (yet), so until that 
time I'm happy with the service/dollar.

I ended up getting everything working, but I'm afraid I don't know 
exactly what it was that did it. I started with a fresh DB and a fresh 
checkout, and it turned out that the old DB had been completely 
"upgraded" by the rake migrate command. So I just dumped the data from 
it and imported it to the new DB. I had to mess a bit with my template 
to get it working properly... I think that may have been where the 
trouble was.

Thanks for the great software Scott and Tobi (and others),


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