[typo] Everything on fire

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Wed Nov 9 08:21:58 EST 2005

On Nov 8, 2005, at 10:16 PM, Michael Purvis wrote:

> Is there any step-by-step migration process that's more granular than
> "rake migrate" but not quite as awful as query-regex-insert? Or  
> some way
> to run *only* the db-migration from the commandline, without  
> needing to
> visit "/admin/general/update_database"? (It's a 500 every time for  
> me...)
> I think I'll just abandon my old and now very-broken half-migrated  
> Typo,
> and try to start from scratch with 752... but I'd prefer not to  
> have to
> go 100% manual on the importing.

You can do 'rake migrate' on the command line.  When you're migrating  
the production DB, 'rake migrate RAILS_ENV=production' is best.

You can do 'rake migrate VERSION=15', 'rake migrate VERSION=16', etc,  
to migrate one level at a time.


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